Strangers & Aliens


“My life is full of doubt and uncertainty. It is full or strangeness and a deep sense that I don’t really live here, that this is not my home. And because of that I know there must be a different way, a different life to be lived out there somewhere."

We've Never Seen Anything Like This


Been a while since you were excited about Jesus?

Take one more look. Maybe there is something you missed. Maybe this time it will click. And who knows, maybe this time you'll realize you've never seen anything like this.

Jesus and the City


Jesus taught, healed, and wandered in the Wilderness. But he died in the City.

Four of Ellul’s seminal sociological and theological works bringing to light the meaning of our shared technological and spiritual history: from Cain’s rebellion and the birth of the City to the New Jerusalem and the reign of Christ.


The ancient Israelites often erected large stones to memorialize important events in their history, especially times when God intervened on their behalf. These stones served to remind them, and any who would see them, of God's goodness and faithfulness in their lives. They were called 'Ebenezer Stones.'

Twelve poems.

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Why You Shouldn’t Want to Change the World

A couple weeks ago our church started a study of the book of Nehemiah. The basic premise of the book is that he finds out that his home city, Jerusalem is in utter ruins. The walls have been torn down and almost all of Israel is in captivity in Babylon (including Nehemiah himself). I think […]

What Your Calling Says About You

I’ve realized something about myself: how I feel about myself tends to correlate with how productive I have been. Have I accomplished something positive today? Then I feel pretty good. Did I lay around on the couch eating Cheetos watching The Office for ten hours. I feel pretty terrible. As well […]

The Promising Thing About Submission

I am not, by nature, a submissive person. If someone tells me to do something one way, my guttural instinct is generally to do the very opposite. I am not sure why I am this way (and I know I am not alone), but I think it may have to […]