The Embarrassment and Beauty of Easter

When my daughter Grace was a toddler, she loved to take baths. What she loved even more was to get out, get dried off a little and then run around the house: a naked, beautiful little maniac. And I don’t think she is alone. I have a lot of friends […]

The Coolest Thing About Palm Sunday

One of the great joys of parenting is seeing your kids grow up into responsible, capable young people. The reason for this is that at a certain age you can get them to do things for you. The other night I was the Byrer’s house and Lauren asked her son Jack, […]

Why We Must All Leave the City

When I was in graduate school, I was introduced to a very interesting French sociologist-theologian, named Jacques Ellul. Not literally; he was dead, but I discovered his writings and I must say, he had some of the most interesting insights I have ever come across. Perhaps the most interesting, and […]

The Foundation of Any Great Marriage

I don’t know anything about Tinder. But I read about it the other day and as far as I can tell what you do is scroll through a bunch of pictures people have uploaded and swipe one way if you find the person attractive and the other way of you don’t. The app […]

Your Marriage Matters More Than You Think

Marriage is declining in popularity. I cited an article from the Huffington Post a few months ago that stated marriage rates are at an all time low. They, in turn, referenced an earlier article that attempted to offer some explanation for this phenomenon: it is now socially acceptable to co-habitate and/or people want to […]

The Really Great Thing About Hardship

I grew up in a white, middle-class family, with a mom and dad who loved each other and three brothers that I am still friends with to this day. I don’t know very much about suffering. True, I have lost a couple friends to suicide. I had an unfaithful wife […]

The Real Reason For Our Restlessness

I come from a restless family. My second brother is just returning from a walk. A long walk. From Oregon to Patagonia. My father took his family on three, year-long sabbatical trips around the world. When he retired from teaching he drove to and visited well over a thousand colleges […]

The Curious Teaching Methods of Jesus

In many respects, Jesus was an amazing teacher: for example, the whole Sermon on the Mount scenario. The good folks who listened to him were absolutely amazed at what he taught, the power and conviction with which he spoke were undoubtedly inspiring. And I love how he really took it to the […]

Sometimes Jesus Doesn’t Care

I should clarify. I think that Jesus loves you (and me, of course). I think he loves us all too much to really care what we think, both in general, and about him in particular. Parents get this, right? Your kid asks you for ice cream for breakfast. You know that […]