The Beautiful Boys

I have been working on the outline for the new novel based on Song of Solomon and during my research came across this article that I found very interesting.  I think the idea here set the context for an important part of the story, but also highlights a critical condition […]

Shaping a Digital World

Several months ago, InterVarsity Press asked if I’d review Derek Schuurman’s new book, Shaping a Digital World: Faith, Culture and Computer Technology. Probably because I’d submitted a proposal for a book on technology and faith, which they rejected I should add. But I’m not bitter! Seriously. And I am happy to give my […]

Brave New World

I recently picked up this classic novel by Aldous Huxley as I started to think more seriously about a series of novels based on the Song of Solomon. I felt that they needed to be set in a dystopian future, an advanced technological age, to enunciate the tension between the […]

Marriage as a Subversive Act

As I am wrapping up my second anecdotal commentary, this one on the Gospel of Mark, I have started thinking about the next writing project I wanted to tackle. I tend to like to try new things and one idea I had was to attempt a novel/commentary. Instead of directly […]

Foursquare, circa. 1977

When I was in third grade my teacher was Mrs. Purdy. I don’t remember a lot about her to be honest, but in my mind I picture her to be a lot like the teacher in the comic Calvin and Hobbes. Old, a bit frumpy with scraggly grey hair tied […]

Heaven Torn Open

I have known about Jesus from as far back as I can remember. My parents both met him in college and they were determined that their kids would hear about him much earlier in life than they did. I am so thankful for that and because of their efforts I […]

Life, Love and Traitorous Cats

I have had a few pets in my day. Not a lot, but a dog when I was twelve and then four cats, three hamsters and more goldfish than I care to count, since I’ve become the father of a very kind-hearted and motherly daughter. I got my dog, Samson, […]