Strangers & Aliens: Thoughts on First Peter


“My life is full of doubt and uncertainty. It is full of strangeness and a deep sense that I don’t really live here, that this is not my home. And because of that I know there must be a different way, a different life to be lived out there somewhere.

“And all this feels like a journey, a path laid out by someone bigger and wiser and with a far better perspective than mine. Filled with pain and disappointment and struggle and joy and peace and laughter and tears. But I know I am on my way home. I am on my way to God.”

Strangers & Aliens offers a unique look at First Peter through the eyes of new author Trey Dunham. A world traveller, pastor, teacher and church planter, Trey’s insight, humor and authenticity will help you find your way, God’s way, and His place for you as he guides you, a stranger and an alien, through this life.

166 pages. Paperback. Kindle. Nook.

Paperback $9.99

Kindle $6.99

Nook $6.99