We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This: A New Look at the Gospel of Mark

Been a while since you were excited about Jesus?

This is the problem many of us have when it comes to Jesus: he is too familiar, too close. We have all heard the stories and assume that there is nothing new about him that could surprise or even interest us again.

Or maybe some of us have read the Gospels and we just didn’t get it. The stories were good, but they didn’t really connect with our world.

We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This encourages you to take one more look at Jesus; to stop, one more time, to consider Mark’s Gospel and this man who walked the earth a couple thousand years ago. Maybe there is something you missed. Maybe this time it will click. And who knows, maybe this time you’ll realize you’ve never seen anything like this.

358 pages. Paperback. Kindle. Nook.