Ebenezer: Twelve Poems

The ancient Israelites often erected large stones to memorialize important events in their history, especially times when God intervened on their behalf. These stones served to remind them, and any who would see them, of God’s goodness and faithfulness in their lives. They were called ‘Ebenezer Stones.’ 104 pages. Paperback, […]

Jesus and the City: A Theology of Technique in Jacques Ellul

Jesus taught, healed, and wandered in the Wilderness. But he died in the City. Jacques Ellul lived a double life. On one hand, he was an astute observer and critic of the modern technological society and its penchant for efficiency and productivity. On the other, he was a prophet, deeply […]

Strangers & Aliens: Thoughts on First Peter

  “My life is full of doubt and uncertainty. It is full of strangeness and a deep sense that I don’t really live here, that this is not my home. And because of that I know there must be a different way, a different life to be lived out there […]