Why You Need Mystery

I am not a huge fan of surprises, mostly because if you like those kinds of things then you are expected to pull off grand surprises for people in your life and that just seems like a lot of work. However, I do tend to like surprises that have been […]

What is the Meaning of Marriage?

Without getting too political, I think it is safe to say that marriage–philosophically, but also on a practical level–has started to lose its meaning in our world today. The idea of marriageĀ used to referĀ something very specific, but now, as its definition is broadened, it probably carries less weight, less meaning […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Lose Your Self-Image

I played football in high school, for a few years actually, and then one year in college. I was on some pretty bad teams, then a couple that were actually decent. My senior year in high school was the most fun, maybe because we won most of our games, but […]

The Beautiful Thing About Sin

I don’t really remember sinning too much when I was a kid. I am sure I did–drawing on the walls with crayons, throwing temper tantrums in the supermarket, refusing to pick up my toys even after being told to like a billion times–I just don’t really remember it. Maybe those […]

The Problem With Just Knowing About God

Growing up in Wyoming, I had seen quite a few horses by the time I was finishing elementary school. Some of my friends even owned them. And I had certainly watched enough movies to be fairly certain that if the opportunity ever presented itself, I’d be able to ride one […]