Finding a Better Foundation for Your Identity

After college, I moved for a summer to live with some friends in Tennessee. Chattanooga to be precise, which is a lovely city, if I do say so myself. This was back when we were getting ready for the Atlanta Olympics and it just so happened that the kayaking competition […]

The One Reason Your Identity Is Not About You

In ninth grade, I took Algebra from Mr. Shreckengost. This was right at the time when I discovered that all the cool kids in school thought things like studying and good grades were for losers. Given the fact that I wanted to be cool, I figured I needed to tank […]

What to Do When You Want to Leave Your Church

In grade school, I think it was, I learned in science class that animals, when faced with difficult situation like getting eaten by a bear, or rising home costs in the forest, have one of two responses: fight or flight. In other words, when the going gets rough animals either […]